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It heard the trio may have thought the woman had a drug debt."[The woman] will tell you there is no way she owed a drug debt to anyone at all," Dr Salu said.Merchant's defence lawyer Heather Stokes told the jury the issue of contention was how the injuries were caused and by whom.The court heard during the alleged attack the three accused stole the woman's phone, handbag and jewellery.Dr Salu said the woman eventually fled the unit and called police.

In his evidence, Brevet Sergeant Gregory Flitton told the court blood spots and smears were found inside and outside the unit.

The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute has presented data to the Federal Government which show a "huge disparity" in the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs) in Indigenous and non-Indigenous...

Three women accused of violently robbing and gang raping another woman in Adelaide's north may have thought the victim had a drug debt, the prosecution has told Adelaide District Court.

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