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d=A7AW4YTLDanstar Project e Sensual Selection Top 3: 3. I did it for some demos, for some people who want me to do there 18ths. Daniel Portman-Wellness Park (Ivan Pica & Ismael Rivas Remix) 15. The original of this back in the day was one of my favorites (and still is) and Myers has added some cool synths and new bass beats to freshen it up for todays dance floors. Jacob London - Return to Squirrel Mountain (Sound Republic Rmx) 11. Jay Lumen - In Love (Mitiska & Medina Mix) [Baroque] 6. To me that means picking out great songs on the spot and doing great transitions - if you can't do it in your bedroom, your sure as hell aren't doing it at the gig! This is a typical set of what I love, filled with a style ranging from Driving Uplifting Trance, to a fast-paced electro-progressive sound, building to Edgy Tech-Trance/Techno and finishing with some absolute MONSTER tunes. John Askew – Fade to Black (Sly One vs Jurrane Dark Remix) 14. Who is also moving into this style, fast coming one of the most popular style of dance music. Cadence - Layz Love (Hook N Sling Remix) Hook N Sling has been a very busy man lately. With a build up of a bell sounding sample, with a deep voice pronouncing this is the moon, into a funky tune with the added big bass for those dance floors. Over time I made a short list of the songs I wanted to go into the demo, then narrowed it down. And with 192 you cant really tell the difference unless your listening for it... With other major tracks under Buy Now such as "For Sale", "Sold" and the previous tune which every DJ in the world has smashed "Body Crash", have produced another amazing track. Choppy - I'm in the same boat as you, I've been trying to record a demo for weeks now. It's something I've been chipping away at, even if I have a spare half hour I'll practice to see how a couple of different songs go together. Looking back on the era of "cross country" and "progressive country"—radio [End Page 500] industry terms for the new country/rock hybrid formats—it is safe to assume such "converted rock and rollers" may actually have been doing a bit of proselytizing of their own.This new influx of rock 'n' roll disc jockeys into country radio was merely a symptom of big changes going on in country, an industry that had been managing to keep its sales and airplay charts relatively safe from "crossover" invasions from as far back as the late fifties.advertisement promoting Florida country station WFSH were telling.The picture depicts five disc jockeys, four of whom were older gentlemen sporting flattops or neatly coiffed pompadours.

Mark Knight - Susan (John Dahlback Remix) This has been one tune everyone has been waiting for and it hasn't disappointed. No were near my best work but I just put it up real quickly antill i can re-do it Just dance - lady gaga Pleasure from the bass - tiga bass kleph and paul anthony - helium (org mix) boom boom boom shake the room - will smith BATTLED WITH THAT MIX You can do it (bass kleph bootleg) - ice cube la Musicque - Riot In Belgium Just wondering if theres any thing persific i need to work on. Paul Keeley-A Sort Of Homecoming (Michael Cassette Remix) 8. Oliver Lang-Bomb The Terrace (Oliver Lang & Hauswerks Alternative Mix) 16. Stanton Warriors-Seeker (What What What Remix) EPISODE 14-thermal e Quilibrium

One for the Weekend: Black Ghosts - Repetition Kills You (Laidback Luke Remix) Were all used to Laidback making his usual style of tunes. A little more underground, could almost be classed as psy-trance. Leon Jean Marie - Bring it on (Rusko Rmx)Let me know what you guys think ! Jhonny & Peps - Acqua (Original Mix) [The Clubbers] 7. None of this pre-planned set shit X(^ If I were playing out in a club I wouldn't pick an exact tracklist, but I would certainly have landmark tunes throughout the set, and for some of these I would have tunes I knew mixed really well with them. Above & Beyond - Far From In Love (Oliver Smith Late Night Remix) 10. Kenneth Thomas - Riders On The Storm (Brisker And Magitman Remix) 12. d=FWQ0JEZJ Alpine Son The Ghost Diary Track List 1 Jacek Sienkiewicz My Little Place 2 Robert Babicz Basic (DML remix) 3 Rob Mooney Beehatch 4 Boombatcha Out of Body Experience (Faskils Reborn Mix) 5 Ran Shani Aviation 6 Kirs B & Nosmo One for the Road 2008 (Tiger Stripes Dub) 7 Tomoki Tamura & Nono 3 Years 8 Sian Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix) 9 Steve Arana Feelin Dirty Sample from Lost Highway (The Mystery Man) 10 Neurophonia Analogic Analogies 11 Unknown Artists Unknown (Bits & Pieces) 12 Greg Zizique Introspection 13 Audiofetish Forgot to Find You Tracklist 01. I’m a loyal Uplifting Trance / Tech Trance fan, although I’ve been including minimal techno tunes because variety can be interesting and challenging. So if you like the 'Inpetto' style of dance music, this is one for you. And with his new release of "The Best Thing" I decided to go through all the recent tracks I have of his and haven't really listened to. Great vocals and a unique sound that these days is hard to produce as their is so many producers/tunes out there.

But would do well in a club that plays its harder/faster music. Thomas Gold in the Mix: Thomas Gold - To My Beat The Joker - Bring It Back (Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix) Sunfreakz - Drive Out (Thomas Gold & F. Andre Visor & Kay Stone – Something for Your Mind (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix) 12. Just a bedroom banger mixing mostly electro house and fidget. Part of track selection is reading the crowd and reacting to that - that isn't present in a mixed CD (unless its live of course) so what I'm trying to do is build a vibe to the CD through my track selection. Tritonal - Essence Of Kea to download please click on the below link My next mix will be aimed at rocking a dance floor, so watch out for that early next week, as always feedback is more than welcome, so let me know your thoughts. G&M Project - Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix) :thumb: I've spent the last 4 weeks or so putting this mix together. Other than that this is a typical set of what you can expect at the Contest, but longer. This is one of his best, that hasn't really got any play time, which I think is a shame, as it is awesome. Sebastien Leger - Talisman (Original Mix) The Frenchman has done it again!

The story of country radio in the early seventies, ultimately, has to do with its role in integrating a once-isolated genre into the mainstream, and the official source material for that particular story may as well have its moment.

Until the emergence of "Top 40"–style format radio in the 1950s, "country radio" took...

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