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I never ever saw more than breadcrumbs in them, but yeah, they made me feel good. But it's true that exes throwing you breadcrumbs are being selfish and inconsiderate. sometimes i think karma is getting me for my past actions. She may continue feeding you breadcrumbs as long as you let her... Ok fine, I always knew this was a possibility and left on a good note.Last time i had my portion of breadcrumbs was 2/3 months ago. i fed an old boyfriend breadcrumbs for almost 2 years because i couldnt let go of having him around. But after he moved on, he really missed me and tried a couple times to get back involved with me- I am not sure that in any of these instances despite claiming he wasn't happy, that he had broken up with the other girl so I resisted.She is a Virginia licensed couples, marriage, family, and group therapist who has been in private practice for 26 years--12 of which she has also practiced as a life coach.She is an active member of The International Coach Federation and The National Association of Social Workers. Coleman began to specialize in dating and relationship coaching when she founded consum-mate.com—a popular website for people seeking help with finding, building, enhancing and repairing their relationships.I think that some dumpers could be obsessive and expect you to bury your feelings and be their friend.Of course this is very selfish and incredible inconsiderate of your needs.

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Whenever I've split up with someone, I've always told them that I would like to be friends in the future and then left them alone, because I don't want to give them the wrong idea and hurt them again.

Some people are completely indifferent to your suffering, but hey, you live and you learn.

I was the dumper, but never feed my ex bf breadcrumbs.

Well, sorry to be harsh, but if she missed you (and not just the feeling of having someone) she would have tried to get you back. My ex was ALWAYS the one to initiate contact with me during my multiple attempts at NC.

She would give me that little of glimmer of hope only to renege when she got what she wanted.

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