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Domestic partners often have more limited rights than in a civil union.

In New Jersey, for example, a civil union creates more shared responsibility for debt and more shared rights to property.

A domestic partnership often only gives same sex spouses limited financial rights.

Five states have decided to adopt civil unions as of this writing.

"They know exactly what it means to be gay," he says.

"They just don't have integrity." Fortunately for them, what they do have is a gay community content with leaving the rumors for cocktail hour chatter and not front page scandal. "People have a right to deal with this in their own time." He has also let opportunities go by when he could have challenged these officials about their sexuality.

Federal benefits don't apply to same sex marriages, including Social Security benefits, health insurance, veterans' benefits, Medicaid, estate taxes, hospital visitation, pension benefits, retirement savings, family leave, and immigration policy.

Differences between a civil union and a domestic partnership will vary by state law.

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