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I was always open and happy to receive emails from women.However, I’ll be honest and say that the first few moments after being contacted by a woman I always felt a little strange.Also, most people who are not interested will simply not respond but occasionally you’ll find someone who takes pleasure in rejecting you. Be Open to Emailing Multiple Men If you’ve decided to email one guy, why not contact a few?When I started dating online I emailed one girl and then waited a few days and if I received no response I emailed another. It also created a bad habit in me where I would obsess over waiting for a response from that one person.Still, my ego always won out and I was flattered more than anything else.As my dad always told me when I was growing up: “One of the most attractive traits a woman can have is that they are attracted to you”.Later, when I would email three or four at once I had a lot more luck and if even one of those four wrote me back, I totally forgot about the other three. Some guys don’t know how to respond when a woman has contacted them. As someone who often responded with too much excitement, I’d ask you to be a little forgiving of those responses that come off as a little strange.

He’ll convince himself after getting her number that he took some kind of risk in approaching her when in reality she had decided his success long before they spoke.Keep Your Email Short I’ve talked about this time and time again so I won’t go over it again here.If you’re a woman unsure whether or not you should start contacting men, I’d encourage you to give it a try.Hint, Hint, Hint If you’re concerned that some men may be turned off by a woman making the first contact, create a process where you give them the opportunity to contact you first.If the site provides monitoring of who’s viewed your profile, look at his profile a few times throughout a week. Just a few repeat visits to let him know the first view wasn’t an accident.

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