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The configuration can be reached through the Mod Configuration Menu.It is splitted into three pages: General, Display and Control.Right now, there are four ways: always: The widget is always shown as long as no menu is opened timed: The widget is shown for a short time (configurable within the MCM option "Display Time") after you hit the configured hotkey toggle: One uses the configured hotkey to display and hide the widget periodically: Automatically shows the widget at configurable times like once an hour.This mod should be compatible with every other mod.The last page (Settings) gives you the ability to save and load your settings so you can reuse them.The control mode defines how the widget is displayed.

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Submitted by: kyotifuljet12 To access all of the levels in the game, you have to mess with your game directory, which could cause problems with your game or cause other problems. Before you double click on the Halo Icon, right click on it and choose properties. Do not include that switch in the command line quotation marks.FISS has to be loaded before the A Matter of Time mod!Thanks to Mr Jack for the graphics of the Sky Dial theme.On the general page one can choose which widget to show and how it is displayed e.g. The second page (Display) controls the options related to the arrangement, scale and transparency of the widgets.The third page (Control) lets you choose when and how the widgets are shown.

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