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Otherwise, privileged and high-class people preferred arranged marriages," he told RFA.

Another defector, Hong Joo Jung, said her student days were relatively liberal compared with a more repressed atmosphere before 1990.

How do you find your soulmate in a social climate where more than half of all marriages end in divorce? Basha Kaplan, author of Soul Dating to Soul Mating, explains how to follow the path toward spiritual partnership.

Touching your own soul, knowing deeply who you are up front, will allow you to touch another person and co-create your soul journey together.

"When I was a student, I was able to date anybody freely.

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North Koreans are beginning to explore relationships between the sexes in ways that were impossible before.The song itself is about Ab-Soul's dating preferences, as the 29-year-old California rapper coins the term "womanogamy" (liking girls who like other girls)."I'm a Pisces, I got Aphrodite in my back/Pocket on the ring of my keys/Hope her and her son Eros get where they supposed to go/They playin' tug of war with me, and I can't bend no more," Soulo spits."I'm too emotional for that, but I don't show it/If I'm two fishes tied by the tail, then where I'm goin'?But there are different dating styles in North Korea, for example in Pyongyang and other areas," she said.Jung said that couples in Pyongyang might go to parks or movie theaters on dates, or go out for a drive, while those in the provinces just met their date at work. People hold hands in parks, or zoos, and they even kiss each other at movie theaters," she said.

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