Updating drivers in dyne bolic

Just a few to name: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Open Su SE, Cent OS.

Others are created for specific purpose and include specific application out of the box.

For tried and tested Dyne:bolic, version 2 remains available.

Some of them are generic and are suitable for wide range of purposes.

Take copies of Dyne:bolic to your local Software Freedom Day event, and promote distributions which contain only 100% free software.

Dyne:bolic includes code from thousands of programmers all around the world: a lively community of artists, teachers and developers writing, using, distributing and adapting software according to diverse and desires.

It was initially based on the dyne:bolic multimedia linux distribution, and focused mostly on Pure Data, hence the name.

For example, in Dynebolic the nest file is called and it keeps all your home and settings inside (/home, /etc, /var, /tmp).

Development of puredyne was supported by the Arts Council England.

The conclusion of the Puredyne project was announced on the Puredyne mailing list in February 2012.

The available space for your nest is found by dyne:bolic thru your partitions on harddisk or usb storage devices (like USB pens, smartcards or even photo cameras).

This approach doesn't requires any change in the data structure of the partitions: just one file is created (dynebol.nst).

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