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Such methods modify the content of an object passed in parameter. This will fail if the object parameter has been reassigned in the method. Final method parameter can also be used to keep the code clean.

The ) methods, this allows the compiler to expand the method (similar to an inline function) if the method is small enough. For instance, a nested class can only access the members of the top-level class if they are final. It declares a Java class to use in the code below the import statement.

Examples of keywords are the primitive types, is a Java keyword. It is recommended to place it after the access modifier and after the is a Java keyword used to define an assert statement.

An assert statement is used to declare an expected boolean condition in a program.

Keywords are special tokens in the language which have reserved use in the language.

Keywords may not be used as identifiers in Java — you cannot declare a field whose name is a keyword, for instance. It must be placed before the variable type or the method return type.

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When member variables are marked with this keyword, it changes the runtime behavior in a way that is noticeable when multiple threads access these variables.Serialization converts the object state to serial bytes. If an Exception is thrown inside a try block, the Exception will be compared any of the catch part of the block.Those bytes are sent over the network and the object is recreated from those bytes. If the Exception match with one of the Exception in the catch part, the exception will be handled there.For instance, a Java entry point ( variable is incremented each time an object is created. It makes sure that floating point calculations result precisely the same regardless of the underlying operating system and hardware platform, even if more precision could be obtained. So to enter into the marked code the threads are synchronized, only one can enter, the others have to wait.Public static variable should not be used, as these become global variables that can be accessed from everywhere in the program. This is compatible with the earlier version of Java 1.1 . For more information see Synchronizing Threads Methods or [3].

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